Simple Deep well Treadle Pump Basic Yardpump form of Pipepump

Pump Engineering papers:


Uptodate JPE IMechE  /06/2022


Aero. J. 2019 123(1265), p.1053-1074

2018 IE! Linear Stability in Water


Flutter as a Wind  Energy Convertor papers  0 1 2 3


Optimal  Wind Turbine Theory Free e-Book

My free R&D for a sustainable sharing caring world:


Low $ tension deep well water pumps & variable stroke fluttering airfoil windmill, pump & service faster than wind & hand pumps.

"Flutter well" for boreholes & floating "Flo'-Pump" for dugouts, pump by oscillating in light wind but feather in high. Seeking dealers/partners only. Not DIY

FREE designs: treadle
"Yardpump" for well (backup) "Cottage Pump" for a winter cabin waterpumping


Free BIKE Design: Farthing Penny Rock'n Roll Arm Assist Grocery Bike, Folding mini version  Back-pedal stirrup brake   Backpedal Brake of Rear Derailleur   

Download Wind turbine theory & easy blade design

DIY chineless compound curved plywood Canoe, Sliding seat trapeze Arrow sailing dinghy solo or duo.

DIY front rowing rig especially for canoes.


2022 solo “A” Vampire foiling cat design


Fast planing flying spinnaker from sliding seat


Well-mounted windpump 

.Flutterwell Pump model of Wing'dmill & Pipepump               

 New 10 min CC HQ  Video :

Wing’d Mills  2013


10min Video en Espanol con palabras, mehor cualidad:

Bombas Aladas  2007




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