Farthing Penny Rock’n Roll Bucket (Bouquet) Bike 2017:  VIDEO                  

The Farthing Penny diversifies the standard road (‘racing’) bike for an uphill arm boost of about 25% and exercise, a downhill low drag chopper position and secure front cargo. The small ‘Farthing’ front wheel allows gtoceries to be carried in a pocket-lined 6 gallon bucket  secured to the frame with the pivoting U handlebars above and behind it. The top cross bar of the handlebars can moves at least 18”  to be pushed and pulled to drive the wheels (uphill) at low speed. Front braking automatically locks the handlebars which can also be “choppered” back for  pedaling and coasting  from a strong rear saddle right above the rear “Penny” wheel. The rim brake on the rear wheel is separately and strongly actuated by back-pedalling. The only price for the backpedal brake or the  armpower drives is their ratchets stop wheeling the bike backwards

With a FarthingPenny I built myself from a standard bike frame and parts I have lived for 15 years without a climate-wrecking car 5 miles from the nearest shop, strengthened my arms and kept very fit. It is a way you can drastically cut your impact on the climate and break bikes out of their recreational/racing/conspicuous consumption wastehole which 99.9% of the west’s climate-destroying population have unthinkingly ridden into

The best starting point is a light 1960-80’s 27” road bike with lugged joints. Then the topbar and downtube can be cut through at their rear lugs off-square at half the difference in their angle to the seat tube  which allows flipping the front half over for  the lugs to match without gaps for easy stick welding back together. This lowers the front tube by the difference in angle for  the new lower 20” wheel (the rear of a 10speed BMX bike) allowing  the 17” Hx20”W  handle”bars” and the bucket.

The back saddle/mudguard  is conical formed alumium sheet with sides front bolted to the seat stays and rearbolted to the 6063 U tube stay and backrest. A saddlebag is glued on giving some insulation and a lot of extra light overflow cargo volume. Primary and heavy cargo is best carried in the bucket which keeps the chopper mode  balanced for  cornering.

Technical details of the push and pull drives, best demo of them together,   the backpedal brake