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   Flo'Pump Floating Windmill Pump for ponds & lakes


Demo of water output 15 feet high. Video

Air bubbles surfacing from 50 ' depth.

Annular air tank above waterline cylinder head with orange check valve, pink float valve to output air to hose, water output PE insert. Small White outside valve snifts air into top of cylinder



The Flo'Pump (Floating Flutter Pump) model of the Wing'dmill and the Pullpumps transfers surface water from ponds or small lakes to shore.

  • always PRIMED with intake of clean water submerged at 2` draft
  • EASY to Move to IRRIGATE all around lake with least pipes
  • Wing very SAFE against collision and bushfire
  • AIR tank built into pump smoothes flow for easy overland piping
  • AIR tank snifts enough to output extra air at water pressure
  • Or wing drives parallel air compressor for deep aeration/purification
  • Very SIMPLE -Yaw bearing & tower eliminated by floating
  • Air tank above cylinder inside single piece of PVC watermain
  • PE out,anchor lines & PVC fixed. Piston yaws inside it, windmill outside
  • Light econonomical fully triangulated base and tailvane
  • Floats can be styrofoam,steel tanks storing air compressed, or raw logs
  • Design easily inverted and adapted as river or tidal current mill




If you are interested in becoming a partner or dealer in the Flo'Pump, please answer these questions about typical site conditions in your area.