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  the ARROW Wing'd Sailing Skiff








The Arrow planes very fast but is still practical and versatile.

         Planes upwind with one person hiking even with two on board

         Asymmetric spinnaker can make net velocity downwind exceed wind

         Balanced rudder holds course simpifying sailing solo

         Deep LUFF SLEEVE streamlines round mast & endless halyards

         Mast track underneath foredeck eases raising mast even on water

         Built-in full width stern traveller compensated fore & aft

         Raked daggerboard clear of boom & cockpit, better in grounding

         SLIDING HIKING SEATS very quick balancing, comfortable, and dry

         ROOMY 8-foot cockpit without vang or board SELF-BAILS

         Console and foredeck house oars & spinnaker tube

         4 Compounded ply pieces, sheets not sliced up & rejoined flat

         Rolled wide wing hiking GUNNEL with beautiful continuous grain

         Drains cockpit almost dry in easy righting

         Edge grain , ply joints, epoxy, sanding , varnishing all economised

         Easy-to-build cockpit ends, false floor, and console of MDO PLY

         150 lb hull 159x 611 max beam (traveller)

         Construction technique also allows chineless plywood canoe

         For another wingsail skiff with more thrills, spills, & chills go to Oz

         Notes on the design, hull development, and prototype construction