Wing'dmill : Oscillating Flutter Wing foil blade wind power energy

 Our unique Wing'dmill (Wind Wing Winding) technology is common to the Flutterwellpump and Flo'pump.   Points from full description:

  • Totally NEW oscillating fin windmill concept using FLUTTER
  • Inherent Storm PROTECTION wing foil feathers into blast
  • Unprecedented SILENT pumping in winds as LOW as 3 knots
  • LIGHT cedar frame wing with inexpensive, easily replaced fabric
  • Fast solo installation without CLIMBS or POWER LIFTING
  • 5 times more powerful than a man pumping
  • Components common to both models include wing, pendulum, axle, and Spanish coil winch as in photos. Click photos for full screen

Spiral Coil pto, wing to leaf chain, belt to pump , chain to compressor & alternator

Pendulum locks in overswing position

Uncovered red cedar wing truss frame