Econologica is the initiative of Dr. Simon Farthing, an applied mathematician and certified mechanical engineer in Sidney, British Columbia, Canada.

Since receiving his Ph.D in fluid mechanics at University of Cambridge, he has devoted years to the research and development of a highly original oscillating windmill concept that is primarily designed for pumping water in developing countries. He has published extensively on this research as well as on theory of conventional rotating wind turbines and a wind tunnel demonstration of the flow (loss) through rotary windpumps.


A secondary investment of his time has been made in developing a sailing dinghy based on his extensive dinghy and catamaran racing experience in his teenage years. He had won the CYA Championship under 16 as crew He was the  Canadian Tornado champion and the North American Flying Dutchman champion crew. Via the dinghy, a plywood canoe, a front-rowing system, an armassisted bicyle etc


Dr. Farthing has also taught numerical analysis and fluid mechanics in Canadian universities and worked on wave power as a numerical analyst in England, and in Canada as an engineer on structural byproducts of sugar cane. He has also published on the hatchet planimeter(e.g. for boat design and Third World geographers.) You can reach him by email at