I cannot sell Wing'dmills direct to individuals anywhere in the world. Single wings are too difficult to ship and exchange, and the strength, alignment and weight distribution are a bit critical for a kit for farmers. For any windmill it is best to have a local dealer visit to check the multitude of site factors.  The Flo’Pump prototype has been operated as a testbed for many years with steady improvement with wearout and fatigue strength issues identified and removed. Recently the FlutterWell prototype was updated to match, but I have lacked a test well for the last 5 years.
           What I need is a partner in a good market area with a good site for demonstrating the Wing’d Mill and generating several orders to start local production and distribution without major shipping and servicing distances. The wings could be exported from here where the best red cedar can be selected and resawn here and shipped as loose cargo for dealer assembly completely or just needing the rear trussing, trailing edge, and fabric applied. Or ready to use wings could be shipped say 20 to a container, but labour costs here are high.
            A good market area would have light but steady winds close to the ground, (requiring conventional windpumps of more than 14' diameter; but not high towers for clear wind, only wind strength) and widespread pumping duties such as well or dam to a higher pond or storage tank and thence to animals, drip or microsprinkler; or direct to furrow or flood irrigation. If your area is suitable for electric windgenerators, it is too windy for the best comparative advantage of the Wing'dmills over the traditional multiblade.
              The Flo'pump is the preferred first model to introduce because it is simpler and cheaper and does not require the extra expense and complication of a well. Its applications are aerating and pumping surface water for drainage, irrigation, or large herds. Surface water without wind-blocking trees is common in light rainfall rolling clay hills (Australian Dividing Range) and heavier rainfall areas cleared for crops fruit or vines.

               Due to the widespread usage of  PVC casing, the FlutterWell can not be retrofitted easily on many recent wells.  Well Drillers are its preferred partners, so they can site the well for good wind exposure and grout in steel well casing. I   hope you are interested and will answer my questions about typical conditions in your area.