Pullpump Technology

Combined outer seal & bottom valve seats on piston weight which yaws easily

Seal drag opens valve in descent. Flow thru holes, over the seat & between weight & PVC

Our pullpump technology is common to the Flo-Pump and the PipePumps (Yard, Cottage & Flutterwellpump)

  • NO falible, hard-to-service/access Footvalves
  • Seal friction seats top valve/seal that doesn't yaw
  • Very simple two part piston, NO cast cages
  • Continuous pump WIRE very convenient vs rods
  • cheap LONG Tensile Power transmission
  • Internal Gravity, if not hydraulic, return of piston
  • Up to 25% AIR OUPUT at same psi as the water
  • Inlet Filters BACKWASHED every stroke