Pushpump –Pressure & Positive

Pump Wire, top valve/seal, butterfly flap valves, shuttle containing lower and static seal

Easy to Pull PE riser and PVC cylinder

Developed as a simple cheap handpump for rapid pumping of shallow narrow wells. Combines the pipepump shuttle with EMAS pipe piston for simpler well head and no footvalve

  • Made or adapted from standard (PVC) pipe and fittings
  • Can pressure pump with flexible (PE) outlet connection
  • Just handpull beyond normal stroke to release water column
  • Pull out shuttle containing ALL the valves and seals
  • Retains prime to wellhead level
  • NO heavy pipe or rods to lift, unscrew, or drop!
  • Simple valve from bike inner tube
  •  BIG SAVINGS on borehole, rising main and rod
  • FITS small diameter and curved borehole
  • Filter backwashed every stroke, finer DIRT TRAPPED.
  • No castings, weldments, or lathe threading