Splicing the wire to the rope is really quite easy.

1. Firstly strip the vinyl cover back 7" from the end of the wire, and tape it temporarily from 4"-7".

2. Next, unwind pairs of adjacent outer wire strands together back to the tape. That leaves the straight inner wire strand whose end should also be taped.

3. Then, with the end of the rope securely taped, open its lay about 4" from the end and push through the wire strands between the rope strands pointing away from the rope end as far as the 4"-6" tape will allow.

4. By twisting along the rope, bury the straight center wire strand in the center of the rope.NB splice part of photo rope was cutoff from mainbody of rope to show position of wire center strand in rope center


5. Then begin to lace the pairs of wire strands over one rope strand under the next, doing each pair in turn, and pulling tight against the starting point. (photo 2)




6. Do at least 4 of these tucks of each wire strand covering about 3.5" of rope.

7. Roll the laced area between the palms to get the splice to lay tightly., and tape tightly around it spiralling in the same direction as the rope strands and the splice progressed. Cut with 2" extra tape left.

8. Retwist the remaining 1/2" of the wirestrand ends around their core strand all inside the rope helix. They can be neatly cut down to taper the rewound wire inside the rope down to the single center strand at its very end. Complete the taping.


9. Remove the tape binding the 4"-7" segment of the wire rope. Work the entire 4"-7" segment of the wire inside the rope until you get to the taped end of the rope.


10. Tape adjacent to the rope end to hold your progress, undo the end tape, twist the rope strands around the wire and immediately retape. It is possible to fuse the rope ends to the vinyl with the heat and glue of a hot melt gun.

11. Then with PVC electrical tape tightly tape over the rewound rope and onto the vinyl cover of the wire.